Wordiness in a sentence

As word nerds, we agree to an extent. Our language is full of rich and beautiful words and phrases which can make an ordinary sentence extraordinary. Up to a certain point, it's good to be wordy. Essays are particularly prone to wordiness. They used the below as an example of wordiness:. There is currently a lively, ongoing controversy among many sociologists and other professionals who study human nature : theories are being spun and arguments are being conducted among them about what it means that so many young people—and older people, for that matter—who live in our society today are so very interested in stories about zombies.

It also uses unnecessary qualifiers so very where a stronger adjective would do the trick. A lively societal debate rages among the human sciences. The contentious issue is: why are so many people fascinated by zombie fiction? Using too many adverbs can slow your writing downwhereas using a stronger adjective instead keeps your writing dynamic.

A void is by its definition empty. She opened the envelope, which contained a confidential document inside. She opened the envelope, which contained a confidential document.

The passive voice makes your writing look indirect and less trustworthy. Monzo is a great example of a company who are actively making an effort to clarify their terms and conditions for their customers.

By w riting in the active voice in their terms and conditionsthey give a strong and trustworthy impression. Got a question about how to improve readability? Let us know in the comments or get in touch. Laura is a Marketing Executive at Readable. She loves coffee, literature, weightlifting and film photography. Part of the Added Bytes family. All Rights Reserved. Sentences which are too long and wordy decrease the readability of your content.

What are some examples of difficult sentences and how do you go about fixing them? What does it mean to be too wordy? They used the below as an example of wordiness: There is currently a lively, ongoing controversy among many sociologists and other professionals who study human nature : theories are being spun and arguments are being conducted among them about what it means that so many young people—and older people, for that matter—who live in our society today are so very interested in stories about zombies.

This is how I would reword it: A lively societal debate rages among the human sciences. Passive phrases The passive voice makes your writing look indirect and less trustworthy. Get Started Today.A redundant expression says the same thing twice, and doublespeak avoids getting directly to the point. Both are examples of wordy expressions.

Eliminating Wordiness

Other such expressions use more than one word when one word is simpler and more direct—for example, using the phrase in the vicinity of instead of near. In writing, redundancy means conveying the same meaning twice. Like other kinds of wordiness, redundancy makes writing seem cluttered. Sometimes people use redundant expressions because they don't know the precise definition of a word.

For example, close proximity is redundant because proximity by itself means nearness. Ask yourself: Is there any other kind of nearness than close nearness?

wordiness in a sentence

Other times people use redundant expressions because they don't pay attention to what they are writing: small in size, few in number, or red in color. Look for redundant expressions, and you'll find them everywhere.

Tables 1 and 2 present short lists. When you write, check your drafts to make sure you are getting the full value of the words you choose and not adding unnecessary ones.

Many wordy expressions occur in sentences starting with there is, there areor it is constructions. Writing that uses a clear subject and action verbs is less redundant, clearer, and more direct. Overused intensifiers. Intensifiers are words intended to add force to what you say : very, absolutely, positively, really, quiteand so on.

Sometimes you need them, but more often these are empty words that add nothing. You can prune them without affecting your tone or meaning. Here are some examples. Examples of wordy expressions. New wordy expressions are created every day. Check your writing for similar roundabout ways of saying what you mean.

wordiness in a sentence

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My Preferences My Reading List. Home Study Guides Grammar Wordiness. Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List!Brevity means using few words to say something, soul means the most important part of something, and wit is the ability to say clever and amusing things.

The following sentences can be considered wordy because they contain words we can take out without losing or changing much the main idea. In additionthis hugely abstract and ambiguous concept we have been analyzing in the past three hours is known to have been discussed for the first time roughly around thirty years ago. To be more precisepeople of all ages are strongly advised to follow the instructions with much dedication and attention in order to ensure their own safety at all times. These sentences are long and confusing.

Once we remove the vague and useless words, it is much clearer and easier to understand. The abstract and ambiguous concept we have analyzed was initially discussed around thirty years ago. Being a wordy writer can be a huge problem because it shows you are unable to get straight to the point and state your arguments clearly. When your sentences are wordy, it takes the reader more time to understand your main idea. This can distract and frustrate readers.

They may even stop reading your article. For these reasons, every English learner should spot wordy sentences, and rewrite them so that each sentence is effective, concise, and easy to understand.

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Certain words in the written English language are less needed than others, at least in most contexts. While it is essential that you use basic verbs as well as strong verbs and nouns, adverbs often do not bring any new meaning or context to the sentence. That said, as rule number one, you should try to identify such adverbs. We call them "filler words" because they sound good and smart but are useless. If you can take out a filler words and nothing will change in the sentence, then you are advised to do so to decrease wordiness.

Some historians commonly believe that the two world wars were, in fact, one long war. The adverb commonly prettifies the sentence; yet, it does not tell or show anything new.

We already know that some not all historians hold a certain belief, so we do not need this adverb to tell us that this phenomenon is common among those who have such an opinion. Other times, some words are redundant in a particular sentence or paragraph. This means that they may be a perfect fit in a different context, but in this case, they only reiterate the information other words already describe.

Hard-working and industrious are synonyms with no degree of difference in this example, so there is no point in using both of them. Sarah is such a hard-working person. OR Sarah is such an industrious person. In other cases, redundant words and phrases do not have to appear in the same sentence.

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A writer can repeat the same point two or more times using different, yet similar phrases in different sentences. This not only adds to the word count, but gives an impression of a boring, poorly-organized piece, which is hard to engage with.The use of more words than necessary to effectively convey meaning in speech or writing: verbosity. Adjective: wordy. Contrast with concisenessdirectnessand clarity.

Afraid, perhaps, that they won't be heard the first time, they insist that a teacup is small in size or yellow in color ; that married people should cooperate together ; that a fact is not just a fact but a true fact. Such redundancies may seem at first to add emphasis. In reality they do just the opposite, for they divide the reader's attention. Martin's, You are wordy when you are redundantsuch as when you write, 'Last May during the spring,' or 'little kittens' or 'very unique.

Penguin, They'll say, 'Tell us in your own words.

Examples of wordy sentences – and how to correct wordiness

Hey, I'm using the ones everyone else has been using! Next time they tell you to say something in your own words, say 'Niq fluk bwarney quando floo! Share Flipboard Email. Richard Nordquist. English and Rhetoric Professor. Richard Nordquist is professor emeritus of rhetoric and English at Georgia Southern University and the author of several university-level grammar and composition textbooks.

Updated February 12, Cite this Article Format. Nordquist, Richard.Sentence count Posted: Updated: I watch my action tense and wordiness in sentences when I am writing my technical diddley. Well, the repeated faulty wording is a wordiness of the sentence structure, sentence dictionary which should be deleted. It turned out that English for the law epitomized wordinessunclearnesspomposity, and dullness when it made its debut after it was legitimized. To achieve conciseness of your letter-writingtry to keep your sentences shortavoid unnecessary wordiness or repetitionand eliminate excessive details.

The word means something like "loaded with honors, " but, suspiciously, it comes in the middle of a conversation about wordinessso it might be a word created to be wordy. Liu Baonan explained "advance to rituals" as a procedure of "study rituals first, for promotions later", which is also meaning-twisting with more wordiness.

The out-of-date style of writing in the 20 superscript th century is full of long wordiness and too much courteousness. Sometimes it is too vague, ambiguous, and hard to understand.

Leave a comment Welcome to leave a comment about this page! Your name: Submit.Note that addressing one source of wordiness often results in addressing several. Also aim to use Action Verbs and avoid overusing forms of to be is, are, was, were, ….

Passive voice verbs are composed of a form of the verb to be and the past participle of the main verb e. Passive voice creates sentences in which the subject noun receives rather than does the action and the doer of the action often is not stated.

#33 - Wordiness, New SAT Writing

Use the active voice when it is important to know who or what performs the action. Example: The process of modernization in any society is seen as a positive change.

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Who sees it as positive? Examples: this shows that, this serves as a way to, this is an example of, the reason why is, because of the fact, due to the fact, in the event of, by means of, ….

Use of nouns formed from verbs called nominalizations, often ending in —ence, -ness, -tion weakens the action. Verbs are stronger, more powerful word choices. Writing Center. Writing Resources. Eliminating Wordiness. Additional Navigation About Us. Tutoring Services Tutors. Incorrect Punctuation of Two Independent Clauses. Misuse of the Apostrophe. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers. Pronoun Problems.

How to Avoid Wordiness in Writing

The Dreaded Pet Peeves. Faculty Resources. In an effective sentence, every word serves a purpose and occupies the right spot. The suggestions below may help you to compose clearer, more concise sentences. Writing Center Kirner-Johnson Close Search Hamilton. About Expand Navigation. Know Thyself. Just the Facts.

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wordiness in a sentence

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